EZ spare wheel and tire with a red wheel, used for emergency flat tire situations

20" Alloy Spare Tire and Wheel

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Available in 2 different lug hole versions and 3 spare tire sizes.

The 20” x 5” EZ Spare is a durable and safe alloy spare wheel designed to fit your vehicle. It is a reliable spare that will get your vehicle back on the road safely in the event of a flat tire.

The 20” wheel has 3 tire sizes to choose from and has 2 different wheel part numbers due to how the lug holes fit many bolt patterns. The  20”- 109 version is most common and fits 5 x 98 through every bolt pattern up to the 5 x 127 bolt patterns.  The 20”-119 version is used mainly for Porsche, Chrysler vans, and a few other models that contain a 5 x 130 bolt pattern, which is uncommon.

Both of these 20” spare wheels are very unique as they were designed to fit almost every large brake caliper, so any vehicle with large calipers will need a 20” spare to fit over the calipers. This 20”  size spare wheel with the 3 tire sizes fits hundreds of thousands of 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, 21” and 22” factory wheels and all can be matched up in diameter to the factory wheel sizes. These 20” spares are extremely durable, can be driven at 55 miles per hour and will get the vehicle to their destination.