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In early 2012, EZ Spare’s European partner, recognizing the auto manufacturers trend to eliminate spares in various brands, enlisted the manufacturing services of one of Europe’s premier alloy wheel manufacturers. The wheel engineering design team, having extensive experience producing premium aftermarket wheels, created a patented and proprietary design and manufacturing process for a spare wheel and used the OEM recommended tire sizes and matched them with the specified rolling diameters required for specific vehicles. Our engineers made sure the recommended size would not put any excess strain on the vehicle’s drive train. Also, brake caliper clearance measurements and a range of specific bolt patterns were utilized to achieve the perfect fit for thousands of types of various years of vehicles.

The EZ Spare wheel offers a consumer a wheel that is 30% lighter than the traditional steel donut spares and is made of a high-quality aluminum. With our spares, one can travel greater distances than the recommended factory spares. Our 17” wheels with space saver tires can travel 2500 miles safely and our 15”and 20” wheels over 15,000 miles. Our alloy wheels carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and will most likely outlive most vehicles. Because our wheels were created by a professional wheel engineering team, whose extensive knowledge of wheel and tire dynamics were utilized, a consumer does not have to worry about excess strain on the vehicles drive train, or any other damage that could occur with a temporary wheel and tire that may not fit properly. Hundreds of thousands of EZ spare wheels have been sold all over the world in the past 8 years, we have a solid proven track record of providing a quality spare wheel and tire.


If you have that unfortunate experience of having a flat tire, it is important you have the right tools that will make changing the flat quick and safe. As an option to your purchase of a customized EZ Spare, we offer a telescoping lug wrench with 4 socket sizes that will give the user additional leverage and a quality scissor jack that will lift up to 6,000 lbs. with minimal effort.

Also, included is our nylon EZ Spare wheel carrying bag with handles to store your EZ Spare if your trunk space does not accommodate a spare wheel. It is becoming more common for manufacturers to not create space for a spare.


Roadside Assistance Providers, provide some assistance in the event you have a flat tire and do not have a spare. Once you call their 800#, they simply arrange for a towing company to tow your vehicle. If you have a high-performance sports vehicle or one with a low profile, the risk of damage can be significant. You can expect to wait a minimum of 1-3 hours, depending on the time of day, day of the week, etc.

While your roadside assistance company will tow you to a tire store or auto dealership of your choice, getting a replacement tire will take several more hours before you can get back on the road. It can happen if it is within business hours and your tire size is in stock. If after hours or over the weekend, unfortunately, you will be without your car for several days creating an incredibly stressful situation.

Also, most towing companies are prohibited from carrying any passengers, therefore as a consumer, you would have to find a ride for yourself and any other passenger, creating another stressful situation to deal with besides a flat, damaged tire. Purchasing an EZ spare wheel and tire for your vehicle is the most logical solution for any consumer.

If you have an EZ Spare in the vehicle and want your roadside assistance company to install it for you, no problem. They will use their standard tire changing equipment to safely change the tire and get you back on the road to your destination where you can then find a replacement tire at your convenience.


Run Flats tires have become THE solution for many vehicle manufacturers. The technology provides the driver the ability to drive on a deflated or punctured tire up to 50 miles at a slower speed.

The technology, while sometimes useful, will not help, in the event of a complete blowout or puncture from hitting a curb or pothole. Also, once driven with a puncture, run flat tires must be replaced. Run flat tires are more expensive than most other tires with some brands costing $500 and up per tire.

An EZ Spare offers you the ability to drive regular, less expensive tires on your car and achieve a more balanced and smoother ride than bulky, cumbersome run flat tires.


Inflator kits have become many vehicle manufacturer solution and substitute for a spare wheel with a tire. Inflator kits are extremely limited in what they can achieve by themselves, so the manufactures often provide a tire sealant to use when the damage is beyond a simple small puncture. If there is sidewall damage from hitting a curb or pothole, these tools will be of no use and you will find yourself having to get towed. Experience tells us these sealants can damage tire pressure monitoring systems, that typically cost up to $300.

EZ Spare Wheel solutions is the wise choice that can be counted on, to get you back on the road quickly and safely every time.


We have manufactured multiple spare wheel sizes and selected a variety of tires to fit your specific vehicle.

We have 3 spare wheel sizes with multiple tire sizes. Once your vehicle data is entered, our recommended alloy wheel and tire size is displayed. Recommended size is based on matching our spare tire’s rolling diameter to your vehicles tires’ rolling diameter, we stay within 94% + diameter relation to the OEM tire size. Some wheel sizes may vary 1 or 2 inches but will always meet the OEM safety recommendations for tire size variances. We guarantee our spare will fit your vehicle or we will refund your purchase.

* We cannot guarantee our spare wheel/tire fits in your vehicle’s trunk or storage area. Please measure the area you intend to use to store the spare. The dimensions are listed on the page after you enter your vehicle information. Our 10 day money back guarantee policy applies to the EZ Spare fitting your vehicle to drive on. If the buyer requests a return that is not related to the wheel not fitting on the vehicle, a RA# is required and a restocking fee of $100 will be deducted from the refund. EZ Spare customizes each purchase individually and there is significant expense in a return due to “other” reasons. The buyer is responsible for shipping fees back to the EZ Spare return location.

15” wheel for 4 lug wheels- $289 Fits many smaller vehicles with 4 lug wheels
17” 5 lug spare ranges from $289 - Fits many small to medium sized vehicles; medium sized SUV’s
20” wheel for 5 lug wheels- $379 Fits many larger sedans, medium-large SUV’s, performance sports vehicles and larger brake caliper wheels.

Shipping charges will be added based on your zip code when you put in your cart, we do not upcharge shipping.

We offer an optional “do it yourself” tire changing kit that includes a nylon wheel carrying bag, scissor jack, lug wrench, safety vest, gloves, and a headlamp. The 2 or 3 ton jack is based on your vehicle’s weight, we customize every order specifically for your vehicle. The kit is an additional $70.00. Wheels ordered without a kit, include a carrying bag.

To determine recommended EZ spare wheel and tire size, click below link to enter your specific vehicle information and to move to the next step for more information and to purchase.

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