17" Universal Spare Tire & Wheel - Temporary Compact Spare

17" Universal Spare Tire & Wheel - Temporary Compact Spare

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The EZ spare wheel, is a durable and safe alloy wheel, designed to fit your vehicle and is a dynamic tool to get your vehicle back on the road quickly in the event of a flat tire. Accompanied with a space saver tire, this universal spare will MAXIMIZE the vehicle’s trunk space while providing convenience and safety.

This compact size spare wheel and tire saves overall weight and space and is very similar to the spares that most vehicle manufacturers equipped vehicles with in the past. Intended only to be used temporarily in the event of a flat tire, this spare permit drivers to continue their travels to their destination or to a service provider to repair or replace the vehicle’s damaged tire. This universal wheel and tire is engineered to fit on hundreds of thousands of vehicles using the patented Easy Fit System, which makes it simple to install on any vehicle.


Tire Size Diameter Weight Tire Pressure
Max Load Speed Rating
125/80R17 24.9” x 4.9” 35.5 lbs 40 psi 1390 LBS 55 mph
155/70R17 25.5” x 6.1” 36.5 lbs 40 psi 1390 LBS 55 mph
165/70R17 26.1” x 6.5” 38.5 lbs 40 psi 1390 LBS 55 mph


A limited lifetime warranty up to 3 years on the structure of the wheel with conditional usage. The space saver tires are guaranteed against defects and workmanship and for 2500 miles of usage. EZ Spare Wheel offers a 15 day money back guarantee after receipt.