This nylon carrying bag is designed to fit on spare wheels that are 18 or 20 inches in size.

Black Nylon Carrying Bag for 20-Inch Spare Wheels and Tires

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Our Round Black Nylon Wheel Carrying Bag. Designed with both practicality and style in mind, this bag is an essential accessory for every vehicle owner and garage enthusiast.


Dimension:  31 x 31 x 8.25 inches. This bag offers ample space to securely accommodate spare wheels and tires of various sizes. Whether you're looking to stow away extra wheels in your vehicle or neatly organize them in your garage, this bag is your go-to solution.


Our versatile nylon carrying bag ensures a snug fit and reliable protection and is compatible with spare wheel sizes such as 145/85R18, 155/85R18, and 20 inches. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidy, organized space with the help of this thoughtfully designed carrying bag. Elevate your storage game today and keep your spare wheels and tires in pristine condition with style and ease.