Durable black carrying bag designed for 17-inch spare wheels and tires, ensuring convenient storage and protection.

Premium Spare Wheel Carrying Bag for 17-inch and 125/70R18 Wheels

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Elevate Your Spare Wheel Care with Our Premium Carrying Bag

Perfect Fit: With dimensions measuring 27.5 x 7 inches, our bag offers a snug fit for your spare wheel, protecting its integrity while maintaining a sleek and compact form.

Durability: Engineered with high-quality material, our bag embodies durability and longevity. Trust that your spare wheel is protected. Our heavy-duty bag handles make it easy to remove the spare from the vehicle.

Space-Efficient Design: Beyond protection, our bag contributes to optimizing your space. Experience the joy of an organized environment, as you conveniently store your spare wheel.

Elevate your spare wheel storage with the Premium Spare Wheel Carrying Bag. Experience the confidence from knowing your spare wheel is protected in a high-quality, compatible, and space-efficient solution. Maximize your convenience and keep your spare wheel ready for action – order now.