Why Avoid Repairing Flat Tires with Sealants

Why Avoid Repairing Flat Tires with Sealants

It can only be called unfortunate that even after so many people are not happy with the idea of automobile companies removing spare tires from vehicles, the manufacturers still continue to eliminate spares to cut down weight and meet fuel economy standards. Though vehicles these days come with advanced sensors that let you know your tires are going bad, and there are also temporary solutions to combat the flat tire problem, like sealants, they cannot match the convenience of having a spare. Here is why sealants are not recommended to fix flat tires.


  • It’s all messy- Sealants might seem the quickest and easiest solution to a flat tire problem, however, when used, they leave a gooey substance inside the tire, which is difficult to get rid of at the time of repair, especially if it's dried on. Sometimes, it can also make it hard to fix an otherwise repairable tire.
  • TPMS clogging - The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your car alerts you about a leaking tire. Sealants can clog your TPMS, and If not cleaned properly, they can even ruin the sensor.
  • Sealants can freeze in cold weather–Sealants are not a big help in cold weather conditions, especially when it's chilly outside. They can get frozen, making them useless.
  • Sealants cover the problem, not fix it- Sealants cover the problem rather than fixing them. You will ultimately need to take it to an auto shop for repair.

If you have ever experienced a flat tire, you would know how frustrating it is to realize you don’t have a spare available. Instead of going for sealants and other “not-so-effective” solutions, get a spare and achieve peace of mind!

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