18" Alloy Spare Wheel and Tire

18" Alloy Spare Wheel and Tire

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The 18” x 4.5 EZ Spare is a durable and safe alloy spare wheel designed to fit your vehicle and is a reliable spare to get your vehicle back on the road safely in the event of a flat tire.


The 18” x 4.5 spare tire and alloy wheel for 5 lug vehicles was engineered to be used as a temporary spare for many types of vehicles. Our tires meet or exceed all the latest DOT highway safety standards. This 18” tire and wheel will allow for traveling at normal speed limits and is commonly used by consumers who purchased a vehicle that was not equipped with a spare tire. Our wheel was engineered to clear large brake calipers and modern brake systems and is for a consumer who has 17”, 18”, 19” and 20” wheels, depending on the size of the factory tires on the vehicle.

Our spare wheel and tire is designed to fit on your vehicle. Our technology matches up the rolling diameter of your vehicle’s tire size to the EZ Spare wheel and tire size recommended.


Wheel Part


Wheel Size

18” x 4.5

Tire Part


Tire Size


Overall Diameter

24.9” x 4.9” 

Overall Weight

32.65 lbs.


42 PSI

Load Capacity

1800 lbs./ wheel

Speed Rating

55 mph



A limited lifetime warranty up to 3 years on the structure of the wheel with conditional usage. We guarantee the wheel is free of defects and faulty workmanship. The tire is guaranteed to be free of manufacturers defects or faulty workmanship.


Temporary spare tires are guaranteed up to 2500 miles and only to be used in temporary use situations.