18-Alloy Spare Wheel and Tire- Fits most Vehicles

18-Alloy Spare Wheel and Tire- Fits most Vehicles

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Experience the Security of the EZ Spare Alloy Wheel during a Flat Tire Emergency

Introducing the 18” x 4.5 EZ Spare Alloy Wheel and Tire – your go-to solution for unexpected roadside emergencies. Engineered to ensure a seamless fit and paramount safety, our spare wheel set is your trusted ally against flat tires.

Product Features at a Glance

  • Part Number: 40095-4018
  • Wheel Size: 18” x 4.5 Alloy Wheel
  • Tire Size: T125/80R18 100M
  • Load Index & Speed Rating: '100' (1764 lbs max), 'M' (81 mph max)
  • Optimal Safety Speed: Recommended 55 mph for spare tire use
  • Dimensions: Diameter 25.9", Width 4.9"
  • Weight: 35.8 lbs.
  • Maximum PSI: 60

Enhance Your Spare with Premium Accessories

Click here to view our premium accessories designed to augment your spare tire and wheel setup. From essential tire-changing kits to convenient wheel-carrying bags, we provide all the necessities for your roadside tire emergencies.

Why EZ Spare Alloy Wheel Stands Out

Unparalleled Safety: Trust in the safety and quality of EZ Spare Alloy Wheels, the industry benchmark for spare wheel solutions.

A Decade of Trusted Performance: Crafted by seasoned European wheel engineers, our spare wheels boast over a decade of global recognition and reliability.

Lightweight Yet Robust: Our alloy wheels surpass traditional steel spares in both weight efficiency and durability, offering ease during critical situations.

DOT Certification: With DOT approval, you can be assured of safety standards that let you reach your destination without compromise.

Comprehensive Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

Benefit from our Limited Lifetime Warranty offering 3-year coverage on the wheel structure and a Tire Warranty for up to 2500 miles, with certain conditions.

Compatibility Assurance

While designed for universal vehicle fit, please verify the storage dimensions of your vehicle’s spare wheel against our product specifications to ensure a flawless fit.

Equip Your Vehicle with the EZ Spare Wheel – Click 'Add to Cart' for Unmatched Safety on the Road

Opt for the EZ Spare Wheel to ensure your emergency preparedness is backed by unparalleled quality and meticulous attention to compatibility.