• Increase sales- More customers will get their wheels repaired if they do not have to leave their car for days to get repairs performed. Provide convenience by installing EZ Spares on your customers vehicle. 
  • Increase productivity- the ability to move vehicles around instead of tying up valuable parking spaces with vehicles sitting on immobile jack stands or mounting systems not certified for road use. 
  •  Increase revenue by increasing service offerings. 
  • Increase revenue by renting the EZ Spare to those customers with bent wheels who are now immobile. 
  • Income opportunity to sell EZ Spare to customers who don’t have a spare. Set up a display at your shop. 
  • Promote your company using the EZ spare as a benefit to your dealership customers. Don’t tie up their valuable real estate by having cars sitting on jack stands in spaces they need.
  • Promote to dealership Parts Departments, referrals to EZ Spare result in income opportunity.
  • Easy to use app to find the right installation hardware for the vehicle.


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