Join the Network

The EZ Spare network is an elite team of roadside service providers. This team performs flat tire service calls and provides the EZ Spare option to customers who do not have a spare tire. To join the network, first purchase a set of EZ Spare wheels and hardware kit. We will send you a detailed owner’s manual and instructions to install the EZ Spare properly.

Soon, we will release a certification process that once you have completed the process, will put you in this elite class of certified roadside assistance service providers that can safely install the EZ Spare on most any vehicle.

We will be promoting via multiple channels, who and where our network members are located, that have this elite status and we are encouraging motorists with a flat tire no spare event to call you for service. We are committed to getting you, an EZ Spare network member, more flat tire service calls and helping you increase your business. Please fill out the form below. Thank you!