Dear Potential Distributor,

If you are looking for a unique one of a kind product to add to your existing product line or you are an entrepreneur that enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of starting a game changing new industry in your country, take a moment to investigate joining the EZ Spare team.

The time couldn’t be better to enter this exciting industry. 50% of new cars manufactured in 2020 are not equipped with a spare tire. This provides an income opportunity for entrepreneurs, as millions of consumers around the world will search for a solution that provides them peace of mind as they face the fact, they might find themselves or a family member stranded on the side of a busy interstate with a flat tire. Sell our products online or team up with cooperating retailers of auto parts and sell thousands of spare wheels and create an income opportunity that can be significant.

The opportunities as an EZ Spare distributor becomes even more interesting as one considers the commercial possibilities with our spare wheel. Our product line fits well and provides numerous solutions and advantages for automotive service professionals whom routinely purchase tires and wheels or sends wheels out for repair. Up until now, these organizations left the vehicle on jack stands or lifts often for days as they await the tires or wheels being returned. Now they have a way to keep the car moving through the other repair processes, and to take the car off premise for other repair work or install the EZ Spare on the customer car and allow them to go about their lives. Our solution will enhance their cycle times and improve their customer satisfaction index when they integrate the EZ Spare into their processes

Other commercial possibilities exist as the EZ Spare can provide the roadside assistance providers a new opportunity to enhance their business by providing a flat tire changing solution for consumers stranded with a flat tire and don’t have a spare or if they have a spare but have two or more flats. Now they can deploy a van or truck with tire changing equipment and get their customer back on the road quickly and conveniently rather than relying on an expensive flat bed tow truck to pick up the car and take it back to the dealer or tire store, which will delay the consumer for hours.

The opportunities are many for an EZ Spare distributor as they contact these companies in their region or country and discuss, develop and deploy these new solutions. The reality is our product must be explained and demonstrated to potential large companies. There must be local inventory and fast delivery as the retail consumers and their commercial counterparts eagerly purchase our products. EZ Spare high standards for customer service and support require there must be a customer support system in place in all areas to ensure customer satisfaction and expansion of the product line in their respective market !!!

Our team would welcome the opportunity to discuss the potential as an EZ Spare Distributor. We can ensure you that you won’t be wasting your time as our distributors make above average profits while experiencing success as they deliver a one of a kind product