Roadside Assistance service operators servicing every type of vehicle should carry the following sizes in order to handle most every ftat
tire-no spare service call.

• 15-inch 4 lug wheel with full size tire 175/50R15
• 17-inch 5 lug wheel with tire 205/55R17 fits most passenger cars, medium size SUV’s
• 20-inch 5 lug wheel with full size tire 195/55R20 is for most larger SUV’s, sports cars, or vehicles with larger calipers (#25075)
• 20-inch 5 lug wheel with full size tire 195/55R20 for Porsche’s, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep product line (#25085)

We suggest using the above options if you are going to loan or rent the spare wheel to your customer and will be using the spare for hundreds of installations. These
wheels and tires are designed for commercial applications with high usage.

For Auto Services Professionals, including Roadside, if you are going to sell the EZ spare to your customer to be used as an emergency spare in case of a flat, purchase the EZ Spare with the space saver tire options listed below:

• 17” universal spare with space saver tire size 125/80R17
• 17” universal spare with space saver tire size 155/70R17
• 17” universal spare with space saver tire size 165/70R17

Auto Services businesses needing to move vehicles around a lot, an auction, a shop, the space saver wheel/tire options are recommended. These road worthy space saver tire options are perfect for vehicle mobility when waiting on tire and wheel replacements. They are ideal if your customer needs to stay on the go while waiting on one tire or wheel replacement and they do not have a spare.

Always use the EZ Spare fitment guide app for proper tire and wheel size fittings. We have many applications in which the EZ universal spare is beneficial and will keep the vehicle mobile and the customer safe.
The standard universal tool hardware box must be purchased with the wheels and contains all the necessary hardware parts needed to fit these wheels on thousands of vehicle types. It contains:
• 11 sets of EFS Adapters
• 5 sets of various size bolts
• 4 sets of various size nuts
• 16 hub rings, all diGerent sizes

 We can customize the hardware box for your application and for the number of wheels purchased.