• Reduce cycle time; ability to continue any repair process with vehicles without wheels waiting on tire and wheel replacements or repairs.
  • Certified for motorized use- EZ Spare not only replaces jack stands and makes the shop more productive, but the world’s leading wheel testing companies have tested and certified as safe to drive on the highway.
  • Drive vehicles offsite for repairs not performed at your location; increases productivity.
  • Reduce liability by replacing jack stands or any universal mounting system that was manufactured for non-motorized application. 
  • Income opportunity-resell to customers that don’t have a spare wheel. Special drop ship programs available.
  • Lifetime warranty up to 10 years, 10,000 mile standard warranty on tires. No need to purchase the product in future years, manufactured to last for many years.
  • Full Product Line- 3 tire sizes available for 4, 5 lug vehicles, 6 lug coming soon.
  • Easy to use app to find the right installation hardware for the vehicle.