About Us

EZ Spare Wheel LLC is the exclusive distributor for the EZ Spare in the US and in multiple countries and market channels around the world. 
EZ Spare Wheel founders Tom Morris and Ginny Nye have been in the distribution business throughout their long business careers. Tom Morris was the founder of Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist in 2000 and grew it to be the largest provider of wheel repair services in the world. Tom sold the company in 2015. Ginny Nye was the VP of Business Development for AWRS and directed sales efforts for the company locations and over 100 franchisees.   Prior to 2010, Ginny directed  sales and operation's teams in the telecommunications industry. 
Both have had a passion for the wheel industry for many years and ironically met Marcel Smeding,  the founder and developer of the Universal Spare Wheel and the Easy Fit System.  Marcel started working in the automotive industry in 1992 and started his first company in 2000. This wheel business supplied high end wheels to European dealers and importers. In 2010, Marcel sold his company and started focusing 100% on developing a superior brand of alloy wheels. He became a consultant for many global wheel manufacturers and also consults for the wheel division of TUV, which is the leading and most respected, technical testing and product certification company in the world. In 2012 Marcel invented  the Easy-Fit System and patented it all over the world. This universal spare wheel is the first and only TUV certified multi-fit system in the market. The Easy-Fit system is well known in the European and Canadian aftermarket wheel business and is used by multiple European Road Assistance companies. 
Tom and Ginny's broad background and experience made for a perfect union with Marcel. The wheel repair background provided vast knowledge of how vehicles were often stuck on lifts or jack-stand's immobilized sometimes for days.
Marcel,  having proved his Universal Spare Wheel System demand in the roadside assistance world and recognizing Morris and Nye's  extensive background and experience in distribution,partnered with their company to create a worldwide brand known as EZ Spare to be distributed to the retail consumer and automotive service companies.